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As our name implies, Dunrite Roofing & Siding and More is the most trusted source for roofing and siding industry news and information. From the basics such as steep and low-slope roofs to the advanced topics of cool roofing, green roofs, rooftop solar and shingle recycling, we have it all. Open a page or click a link to see why Dunrite Roofing & Siding and More is the go-to source for successful roofing professionals.

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  • We employ experienced, professional staff dedicated to providing excellent customer service at all times
  • We offer free estimates for Dunrite Roofing & Siding and More homeowners
  • We have an “A+” rating at the Better Business Bureau
  • We have a strict safety policy, we adhere to all provincial safety regulations, and we are fully insured
  • We are certified by several premium roofing and siding manufacturers, so we work with quality products and provide the longest possible warranties
  • We hold memberships in most major roofing and siding associations. Now you can buy essays online on the website.

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