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Dunrite Roofing has been serving the surrounding areas for over 30 years

Bringing more than 30 years of experience to every job, Stork & Sons Roof Maintenance provides reliable roofing in Bucks County and the surrounding Lehigh Valley areas. Our company is family owned and operated, and you can count on us for roofing, siding, and stucco services. We are passionate about the work that we do and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work at fair, upfront, and honest pricing. We also specialize in siding and roofing repairs for those home that do not need a full replacement just yet. Our roofing experts work with all types of materials. including shingles, flat roofs, and siding. We do tear-offs and cleanups.

When you need fast, dependable results for your roof or siding, call Stork & Sons Roof Maintenance today for a fast, fair, and free estimate!

Where Caring for Our Community matters

Determining the underlying issue is critical when diagnosing a roof repair. We specialize in finding this and proceed swiftly to correctly fix the issues the first time. Call today for a free estimate on a repair quote by Dunrite.


  •  Improper design/installation
  • Restrictive/absence of Ventilation
  • Fallen trees/branches Faulty Skylight 
  • Premature ridge cap failure

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