For your Roofing needs, Dunrite Roofing and Siding is located in the Lake Orion area ,serving all of mid Michigan. Our experience and knowledge of the roofing and siding business, and overall construction we understand the material is an important decision when protecting your home from the elements.  For your protection, we are licensed and insured. Making the right choice will bring out the beauty and extend the useful service life of your residential and business needs. Dunrite Roofing and Siding understands how to maximize the roof for your budget.We will examine your roof thoroughly and prepare an estimate if you would like our assistance in handling your roofing needs. You can get the process started right over the phone, just call our office and they’ll get the ball rolling. We will assist you with your roofing material and our quality workmanship will always ensure you get the right roofing. Our relentless pursuit of pride, professionalism and quality are what has made us the most recommended roofing contractor in the Lake Orion area.  For both our residential and commercial clients we strive to provide the highest grade roofing products, perform a quality installation and back our work up with warranties.Eave Edges and Valleys
Ice and Water shield is installed on all eves, rakes and edges to help prevent wind driven rain from leaking through the roofs decking. It also prevents from ice and snow melting (caused by ice damns in harsh winter climates) from leaking into a properties home.  Synthetic Underlay
On remaining decking, we apply one layer of synthetic underlay. The underlay overlaps 3 inches and is nailed to the top and bottom lap every 18 inches. The underlay consists of three rows of nails and in high wind areas, four rows of nails are used.Drip Edge
Drip edge is installed on all edges, starting at the eve edge, working up the rake edges. Drip edge comes in 10ft sections which overlay 2 to 3 inches to cover edges. For eves, drip edge goes on under the ice and water shield and felt. On rakes it will be installed on top of the underlayment.Shingle Installation
Starter shingles are installed hanging over the drip edge a half inch. It’s installed like a shingle and you will notice the tar strip is at the lower edge and this will help prevent blow off. The first full size course of shingles is installed directly on top of the starter shingle with the tabs facing down towards the eaves. Laying your choice of shingles comes next. This shingle is the shingle you see when looking at your roof. Four nails per shingle are used and for steep pitched roofs and high wind areas, six nails per shingle are used.Valleys
First we determine which area has the steepest pitch, or may carry the highest impact of water. We will keep this in mind as we will be cutting off that side of our valley.Hip and Ridge
Once the body of the roof has been shingled, we will then apply the hip shingles, if you have a hip roof, which will be overlapped by the ridge shingles. Gable roofs will only have ridge shingles. We lay one hip cap at one end of the ridge and another at the other end.Flashing
Plumbing vent boots will need to be replaced with new rubber ones. We attempt replace all step flashing, however if nailed or placed under or over siding we may not be able to replace. For chimney counter flashing, we always cut a new aluminum flashing due to tar not holding up forever.Please give us a call at (248)393-5000 You will be completely satisfied guaranteed.

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