Siding?,Dunrite Roof does siding well. We are a professional contractor serving homeowners and commercial property owners looking to re-side their home in Lake Orion, Michigan and the surrounding areas.
At Dunrite Roof, our difference is in the details. As experts in exterior home renovation, owner Mike Barber and his installation team are dedicated to guiding you through the entire process addressing every aspect of your project from start to finish. Going beyond just installation we review your goals, explore the possibilities and create the perfect plan that includes the right combination of materials and finishing touches

Our products we use allow you to create a beautiful, low maintenance home and Dunrite Roof to build it. Enjoy the beauty and character of vinyl, as well as resistance to weather, insects and fire reluctant to spread. Dunrite products come with a limited warranty that anyone can appreciate. We carry the best warranty ever to give you quality, safety, and peace of mind.
Vinyl Siding is the number-one siding material available. No other exterior home improvement beats Viny for its many resilient qualities. Vinyl is a sealed surface that rain, cold, salt and snow cannot penetrate.
Vinyl Siding is an excellent, low cost way to improve the exterior of your home. It outlasts a new coat of paint by many years, is extremely low maintenance and is easy to maintain. It will even act as a layer of insulation against heat and cold weather. This is a great way to give your house many years of virtually maintenance free good looks!

We are professionals. We are quality. We strive to exceed even your own expectations of the vision you have for your the remodeling of your home. You can trust Dunrite Roof to deliver the curb appeal and lasting performance you’re looking for.

Siding Dunrite Roof, 2563 Orbit Dr. Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248)393-5000 Email: dunriteroof@aol.comThe Perfect Solution For Your Lake Orion Home
Dunrite Roof is renowned for offering a vast array of innovative, long-lasting and low maintenance. As the most trusted brand of siding in America, Dunrite Roof offers you a complete siding solution. The products we use combine innovative solutions with a relentless commitment to adding value to your Lake Orion home. They offer beauty and character combined with low maintenance and long-lasting durability that is unparalleled by other types of siding. Dunrite Roof is a preferred Siding Certified Company.Siding Dunrite Roof, 2563 Orbit Dr. Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248)393-5000 Email:

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Dunrite Roof, 2563 Orbit Dr. Lake Orion, MI 48360 (248)393-5000 Email: